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Shell Water Detectors and Water Finding Paste

Flying Fuels is the importer and National distributor of Shell Water Detector Capsules, Syringes, & Water Finding Paste.  Email or ring us to find out more or place an order. We also supply Sampling Jars.

Aviation Oils

Flying Fuels has a huge range of oils for every aviation engine type. Either by bottle, in cartons, in pails, or by drum Flying Fuels has all sizes of oil available for purchase.


Flying Fuels specializes in re-batching clients drums. There are many new drums available for purchase if you need a few more.


Flying Fuels now sell sample jars in:- 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr and 3.5 Ltr. The 3.5 Ltr has a wire cage that can be bought with it.

To place an order call 08 8281 2903
or contact us through our home page.
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